PiDocker – RaspberryPi Carrier Board

How many times have your looked at a RaspberryPi and thought to yourself: “I wish it had…” We did too. — PiDocker, LLC


PiDocker – RaspberryPi Carrier Board

What is it?

A expansion board that is designed to “carry” a RaspberryPi model B. It was designed to solve several issues we found with it’s form factor and expansion ports.

What is a RaspberryPi?

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What problems does it help solve?

PiDocker with RaspberryPiThe RaspberryPi form factor leads to wires sticking out all 4 sides of the board. This leads to a mess and tangle of wires. The USB ports of the RaspberryPi are not able to supply much power. The Pi will reset if a device is attached that overloads the current limit. The serial port on the Pi is 3.3v. A level shifter is required for headless console or serial TTL data acquisition equipment. The Pi does not offer a built in battery supply or charging solution.

How is the PiDocker different from other boards?

PiDocker with battery and cablesAll peripheral connections are in the front.  Power supply and a power switch are located in the back. We also have a DC jack to power an external device. The serial port is TTL level and compatible with Cisco management cable. PiDocker was designed to fit inside a small plastic enclosure, as opposed to a custom designed enclosure.

Sample Use Cases

  • Data Acquisition / Data Logging
  • Embedded Linux Computer
  • Home Automation
  • Kiosk Computer
  • Media Player


  • Made in the USA
  • Four Port USB Hub
  • Serial TTL Level Shifter
  • 3+/- Hour Run from Battery


  • Input Power: 7-40v DC / Li Charger
  • Dimensions: ~ 3.06 x 4.6 inches
  • USB Ports: 4
  • RS232 Serial: TTL
  • Video Connector: 4 Pin Mini-Din

* RaspberryPi is a small Linux computer designed by The RaspberryPi Foundation.
* Cisco is a registered trademark of Cisco, Inc.